Welcome to the official site for Skullforge: The Hunt. What is Skullforge: The Hunt? It’s an action RPG game in development by the small team at OMC Games. This site will be your link to the game providing news, information on gameplay systems, character details, as well as insight into the design process that will eventually shape the game into it’s final form. The game isn’t due out for some time, but we hope that you will take the journey with us as we prepare the game for it’s release sometime in the future.

Currently, the game is planned for the PC, Mac OS X, and the Wii U. It should be noted that we don’t have Wii U dev kits, but if everything goes well, there will be a Wii U version. We’re simply waiting on the approval from Nintendo. Skullforge is being created using the Unity 3D game engine as it allows us a lot of flexibility and ease of porting. Development has been going smoothly and we have the game running already.

There’s lots more to come over the coming weeks, and we recommend you check with us regularly for news and updates on the game’s progress.

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