[Blog] New Screenshot (April 29, 2015)

I haven’t posted new screenshots in a little while, so I decided to post a couple today. We have been working hard trying to get everything working and we are almost done with the key systems. I finished the quest UI and system yesterday and now I’m working on little things like exiting to the title screen and just simply exiting the game. The UI is far from finished, though. I believe I’ve spent the most time trying to get it functioning properly and in a user friendly way. There will be a lot of iteration as we get closer to release, but the basic system should be working in any case.

One thing I do have planned in the nearish future is posting a little video showing how a quest will work in the game. Not sure exactly when that will happen, but hopefully soon. We’re getting close to where we’ll be simply working on content and that has be excited. Enjoy the screens.