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I finally got the first chapter of the Skullforge story out there in the Universe and people can check it out to get a better picture of the world in which the characters live. To promote the game, I decided to go ahead and make a press release for the game as well. Didn’t seem to make much sense to promote a story tied to a game that wasn’t officially announced. Now, whether this was a good idea or not, I suppose I’ll find out.

For those who are just now finding out about Skullforge, I want to point out that the screens and such that you see on this site are mostly development areas of the game used to test various systems. However, the dungeon scenes are pretty close to what they’ll be like in the final game. Honestly, I’ve spent very little time on outdoor areas. Since it’s an area that I’m really not good at designing, I’ve just slapped together some random zones with a couple of textures with roads. Nothing spectacular and not representative of the final look of the zones when the game is released.

Basically, my thinking is to show people that this isn’t some vaporware. We’re actually working on the game and it’s playable. Systems are working. We’re working a trailer which will so the game in motion and I think that will help people get a better idea of what we’re crafting.

It’s great to see people interested in what we’re doing, though. This kind of thing takes a lot of work and my team is really only two people at this point. All things considered, I’m happy where the game is and it’ll only get better as time goes on. Feel free to ask questions if you’re interested in what we have going on. I try to be open and honest about what we’re doing and at the end of the day, I hope everyone enjoys our work.

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  1. We’re glad you’re interested in the game. We still have a ways to go before it’s released, but I hope that you guys will be able to see the progress we’re making. I think the Wii U version of the game will turn out nicely.

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