[Blog] This Week’s Screenshot (March 17th)

Working on our Kickstarter video and figured I’d put out a new screen to show off a little section of Hamlin (the starting city). I figured I’d show off a bit of the daytime lighting since I usually show indoor or night areas. What can I say, I really like night lighting.



[Blog] It’s an RPG

One of the types of games we at OMC Games enjoy playing the most is RPGs. In a world where so many RPGs are either getting canceled, moved to portable devices, or becoming simple mobile games, it seems like the genre we enjoy playing is getting smaller and smaller. Playing RPGs has been my life for as long as I can remember and as a DM with many AD&D campaigns under my belt, I really want to put together great RPGs for fans of the genre.

In my opinion, an RPG is more than simply killing monsters and getting EXP. There has to be more interactivity to give the world a sense of purpose and the player something to think about. When I first started playing AD&D back in the early 80s, the DM gave EXP for every monster killed. I believe in the rulebooks it’s written this way. This meant that we spent more time grinding enemies to level up than actually role playing. At that time, I was young so this was a totally acceptable way to play. Getting older and meeting another DM, I learned the true value of role playing and it opened up a whole new world for me. When I began running my own campaigns, I began only giving EXP at the end of an adventure. EXP wasn’t really the focus, it was navigating the world and playing within a character’s strengths. How a player went about the adventure was the main factor in determining whether or not the character leveled up. I know other DMs who do the same thing and I feel like it adds a richer and more memorable experience when playing an RPG.
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